Martha’s Vineyard

Very close to the island of Nantucket, but an island with a different feel. Arguably more affordable, larger in size and easier to get a car onto due to the frequency of car ferries. That said, you definitely do not need a car. The island has an excellent public bus system. If you can’t get from A to B without changing buses, tell the bus driver where you are going and they will radio to the bus you need to swap onto. The system is so perfectly planned that the buses cross points at practically the same time. If your bus arrives after the one you want to swap to, no need to worry as the driver of the other bus will be waiting, specifically for you.

Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs is a stunning Victorian seaside town with picture postcard perfect mansions lining the sea front and gingerbread style cottages set a little further back. A visit to the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association is a historical must, and you can have a look around one of the gingerbread cottages by visiting the Cottage Museum. Don’t forget to stop by the vintage ‘Flying Horses’ carousel that is still in operation today.

Other Island Towns

Edgartown has a handful of cute art galleries and a beautiful lighthouse. Menemsha is a tiny fishing village, an excellent visit if you are self-catering as you could score a fresh seafood supper from one of the fishermen. A little further along from Menemsha is Gay Head lighthouse. A truly stunning scene with the lighthouse towering above the cliffs that meet the sea. The best time of day to go is at sun set when the cliffs take on a huey glow. Between Edgartown and Oak Bluffs is the ‘Jaws Bridge’. A popular activity amongst those young, and young at heart is to jump from this bridge. Edgartown of course is the real ‘Amity’, and home to where Jaws was filmed.


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