At age 18 I loved to Prague as part of a 4 month exchange programme having deferred my place at university. Once at university, I spent my summers working on a children’s summer camp in Upstate New York, and once camp finished, I’d spend a month travelling before returning for my studies. Even after I graduated, I still wasn’t done with travel so set off for Toronto with a working holiday visa in hand. Towards the end of my year out there, I went on one epic adventure crossing 25 states and 4 Canadian provinces.

Since this adventure, life has settled down, I have settled down. I now have a full time, permanent job as a secondary school teacher and have a pesky mortgage that keeps me from taking off again too epic an adventure. Whilst the 6 weeks may seem lucrative, or the knowledge of much more than the standard 25 days annual leave a sure fire way for things to be easy, my office working partner, with whom I love to travel, makes things a little more difficult

As well as some blog posts from my younger, more free days, I hope that my posts will inspire people to be able to travel and see the world on just 1 or two weeks annual leave – or heck, even just over a 3 day bank holiday weekend.